A downloadable game

The Last Man Hanging is a difficult four player local multiplayer competitive death race in which each player must struggle to keep up with the camera and swing from point to point to avoid being left behind or falling to their death.

The game was made in the Fall 2016 quarter by members of UCI's Video Game Development Club.

My contributions were to grappling hook input and controls as well as the scrapped item system.

Project Lead and Programmer - Daniel Gutierrez
Programmer - Shawn Hill
Programmer - Jacob Smith
Artwork & Backgrounds - Jonathan Chau
Artwork & Animations - Matt Nguyen

Player 4 is controlled by both a 4th controller, if you have one, and the keyboard and mouse. The others are all controlled by controllers.

Git: https://github.com/Daniel-A-Gutierrez/The-Last-Man-Hanging

Install instructions

First download link is for the multiplayer-only mode.

Second download link is single-player only.


The Last Man Hanging 18 MB
The Last Man Hanging Single-Player Challenge Mode 18 MB