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UCI VGDC Proto-Game Jam 2016 project with theme: "Can't touch this".

Objective of the game is to make the enemy's star go supernova by landing shots into it while defending your own star.

Controls listed below and in the splash screen of the game. Production credits also in-game.

Player 1 (Left):

W is Up, S is Down, D is Shoot

Player 2 (Right):

Up Arrow is Up, Down Arrow is Down, Left Arrow is Shoot

My design and implementation contributions include the levels Asteroids and Trickshot, with partial work on Black Hole and Orbit. Programming work include spawning algorithms, obstacle behavior, object collision, cleanup.

DISCLAIMER: Stage background art and music are placeholder for the sake of completion.

Git: https://github.com/kvax12v/CriticalMass

Install instructions

Install is a zip folder.


CriticalMass.zip 76 MB

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